After Yolanda – Haiyan Relief Efforts for the Philippines

Just six days ago, Yolanda caused widespread devastation in central Philippines, causing significant amount of destruction to property, taking thousands of lives, and essentially destroying millions of Filipino lives. Countries all over the world reached out to help, and now is just a good time as any for people to (continue to) help. While a lot of generous people (and entities) choose to keep mum about their generosity, I’m still extremely grateful (and touched) that the entire world is helping out!

The US Marines and search-and-rescue ships have also already been deployed!

It also helps that we’re able to keep tabs on the amount of charity, because we want to keep an eye out against corruption and greed in the Philippines (unfortunately).

A blogger posted an article offering ways to donate frequent flyer miles, for instance.
Then there’s The Netherlands actually declaring that they’d be donating 2 Million Euros to the Philippines.
The gaming community is also taking part: According to this article, Mineski is donating ticket sales to the victims of Haiyan (Typhoon Yolanda).
And even the UAE is supporting us, with aid worth Dh37 million being sent out on the directive of President Sheikh Khalifa.

News sources left and right have also reported that the European Commission released 3m euros ($4m; £2.5m) in emergency funds, with the UK Rapid Response Facility providing £5m ($8m) in aid and a £600,000 shipment of emergency equipment. Aside from tents, food and relief supplies from the UN, our brothers and sisters in Tacloban and the other devastated parts of the Philippines may expect aid including shelters and medicine, as well as water purification and sanitation equipment care of UNICEF.

Britain has initially promised £6m to help up to 500,000 people affected by the typhoon, but after news broke out that around 9.5 million people actually need recovery assistance, they have offered another emergency support package worth more than $10 million.

And for a quick idea on the amount of assistance our brothers are getting in Central Philippines, watch this video (with Anderson Cooper!)

For those who would like to find their family members online, you may visit Person Finder and People Locator.

To everyone helping out,

Maraming Salamat Po! THANK YOU! Danke! Arigato!

 Also, here’s a shout out to my favorite humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders! (You can help them out via this link, too.)

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