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5 Things I Learned from Speed Dating

If there’s anything I’ve learned from lurking Reddit–apart from the good ol’ “Don’t stick your d— in crazy”– it’s this: To get the girl, you need to 1) Be Attractive, and 2) Don’t Be Unattractive. And while it doesn’t really hold true for me (because I’m mostly an equal opportunity dater, hah!) it holds true for most guys. These visual creatures love aesthetically pleasing girls it’s not even funny. I’ve dated a few people in my lifetime, and one guy in particular will forever be remembered as That Jerk for having the gall to break up with me just because I “didn’t look good all the time”. It’s a huge blow to anyone’s ego, for sure. I digress.

So here are 5 Things I Learned from Speed Dating (with Telu Events ta-daa!)

1. I am not alone.

I’m not the only awkward single on the planet apparently. Surely there’s a reason behind that single status on your FB profile. Maybe it’s the fear of commitment, and you like playing the field. Maybe it’s this insatiable need to keep your virtue intact that has been turning women off for years. Or maybe it’s the weird PUA tricks you’ve been using on girls at bars.

Whatever it is, you are not alone (and there are probably hot singles in your area). But, enough of the ego issues for now. You settle that with your shrink. Let’s move on.


2. Speed dating is still freakin’ taboo. (But it shouldn’t be!)

People scoff at the idea that there are socially awkward (and hopelessly romantic) girls and boys who seem to be desperately clinging to the idea that there really is The One. But there really is nothing wrong about that. Speed dating is like the crutches of the dating world–it can hold you back or help you get back on your feet.

Forget the sweaty palms and armpits. Speed dating lets people socialize and find a relationship, regardless of longevity.

Telu Events Table 4 Russia

Freud would have a field day with this: So I represent Russia. I’m a Russian airport. And the guys..

3. Speed dating isn’t just for singles.

Surprisingly it’s also for those looking for flings, that other woman, networking opportunities, etc. etc. While I applaud the sheer audacity, I’m sure for people who are actually out there expecting true love, it’s kind of offensive.


 Blurred faces are freaky. Especially for someone who’s seen ghosts with faces that looked a lot like these pictured.

4. Speed dating is the modern mating ritual of today’s generation.

Or at least it’s up there. I’m well aware of men’s desire to spread their genes and whatnot, and I know that guys will go through just about anything to get it done as frequently as possible. It’s funny how people interact in these kinds of situations. An outsider would probably be amused to see guys fumbling and girls swooning as they all try to attract one another and beat the competition.


5. It’s not easy to impress someone in 5 minutes.

Did you know that a person only has three seconds to impress someone? (Shush, I experienced this first hand.) Worse, even if you do hold someone’s interest, the attraction falters with each passing minute that you don’t have anything to talk about. Just say anything, absolutely ANYTHING, to maximize your time.

Oh and judging eyes will still be on you even waaaay after the event. So you need to put your best foot forward–no matter how stinky it is–until you get home.

…But impressing people can get too much too soon.

Since time is of the essence when it comes to speed dating (duh), people can feel pressured to impress the people they meet. It’s easy to say stupid things and just let the gushing teenager within us run amok. The important lesson here? Try and remain as mysterious as possible. Word vomit’s never attractive.

That’s also what Cady Heron learned the hard way.


Will I join a speed dating event again? Until I get over my now irrational fear of social situations, um no. But for those looking to hook up or find a close semblance of their idealized version of true love, go for it. Php999 for 15 willing dates is a great deal.

2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned from Speed Dating

  1. Gelleesh

    Amen with what you’ve mentioned here. I would love to attend another speed dating event but on a 3rd person perspective naman to see how each act and react on the given situation. It’ll be a cool and interesting social experiment. I wonder how the speed dating worked on the other participants. I’m actually glad I got to meet new friends to hangout with through it. :)


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